Well 5am yesterday standing in line at the airport in Sofia, Bulgaria.  Standing in  a really long line I think the biggest one I have ever been in.  I thought I was going to miss my flight and almost did.

Just when we were getting pretty close to the end.  These three Bulgarian or Russian heavy duty looking thugs walked up aways in front of us deciding they were just going to cut off the huge line.  This guy next me to walks out of line and goes up to them and starts giving them shit big time for cutting into line. 

Now looking at this guy you would think he was a clean cut dude in what looked like Carhartt light brown pants and black dress shirt.  You could tell he was probably built fairly well underneath it all. 

So anyways he is going back and forth with these guys one had already crossed under the line and cut people off.  He looked like the meanest of the bunch and really big.  The other two never went under just bantered back and forth with the guy in line giving the kid shit and this hellashish stare down.  It was getting pretty intense! 

The kid never blinked an eye or backed off.  I’m thinking and everyone else in line is thinking these guys are going to kill this kid.  Some of the older ladies in line are trying to get him to stop.  Just saying stuff like just leave them alone you will get hurt it’s not worth it kind of thing.  I THINK!  Because I didn’t understand what they were saying! 

Didn’t even phase this guy at all he just kept at them.  I’m going OH OH this is not going to be pretty.  I mean this guy was like perfectly calm these guys didn’t scare him in the least little bit.  He made me feel cold inside and he wasn’t talking to me. 

Anyways the two on the outside came over but kept their distance and continued with the threats to him.  I don’t know what the last things he said to them were but his last gesture was to blow them each a kiss.  Whatever it was they decided to leave pointing at him making threats but leaving. 

So the only one left is the big guy still in line but not going anywhere.  The line with me and the kid getting closer and he is still harassing this guy.  I’m going OH shit I am going to miss my flight!!!  Fortunately when we got about 4 or 5 people from him and us.  This big guy and I mean he looked mean as sin ducked under the rope and left.  With this guy blowing him a kiss too. 

I was like holy shit that was close.  I don’t know who he was but he never raised his voice too loud but just enough so he could be heard.  He never flinched a muscle or blinked an eye.  He was super composed the whole time.  I’m going what the hell who is this guy.  I didn’t know who he was but knew I wanted him on my side.

When we got a little further down the line.  I figured I needed to say something to him so just said nice job dude!  He said Thank you but that there were only three and smiled.  I’m going really IYYIYI! 

Then we were at the end of the line.  He looked at me and said you go ahead of me my flight is later.  Because we had been talking about it earlier.  I said no that’s OK but he insisted so I said Thanks and went on my way. 

I don’t know who he was but he had to be some kind of heavy duty military dude I figured.  I guess so did the three thugs!  Shit never saw anything like it before.  When I was leaving I looked and the three of them were at the end of the line waiting like everyone else.  I just shook my head and smiled!!  All at 5am what a way to start the day!!!  CRAZY!!!!!


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