So my Thanksgiving was Great Great Great more than I could ever ask for!!!!  Jason and his family and his wife Chris’ parents came to my sisters for Thanksgiving staying 5 days.  It was so good to see Alden my grandson and everyone!!!  Haven’t seen him much because of being on the road all the time.  

It is amazing how much he has grown from being a baby and just starting to walk when I saw him last Thanksgiving.  To being a little boy this year and running and talking helter skelter this year.  Huge difference!!!  He is amazing even if he is my grandson and I am biased!!!!!  

Spent the week before making all the deserts and goodies getting ready for the big 5 days of eating and celebration!!  I spent all day cooking and it all turned out great!  Which is amazing considering of how little I can concentrate and remember anymore.  

We spent our days at the many beaches and parks in the area.  Alden loves loves loves the water.  He had a great old time!!!  He was in the water every chance he could get.   Clothes and all sand all over him didn’t bother him a bit.  Building sand castles and playing in the waves in the harbor!!!

The photos are of the Thanksgiving Day Turkey and family at the table and the spots we spent our days at.  Didn’t put food on the table because Alden likes to play in it.  So put it on the counter for everyone to fix there plates from there and bring to the table.  Plus we  celebrated Alden’s birthday on December 5th a little early at our friends Linda and Ray’s house.  HAHA!  

It was a great time had by all!!!!!  Really really really Loved it!!!  He is too much couldn’t ask for more!!!  I will always remember it!!!  Can’t get enough!!!  HAHAHA WONDERFUL!!!  LIFE IS GOOD GOOD GOOD!!!!!!!!!

8 thoughts on “THANKSGIVING 2018

  1. Happy New Year! Oh Dave, I love these pic’s! You look so happy and content. Family can do that to ya! Can’t get over how big Alden is getting! Such a handsome boy, just like his daddy and grandpa.
    Glad you had such a nice family visit, it def was a great re-charger, I’m sure.
    So…..Mexico now?

    • Hi Sandy Happy New Year to both of you too. It was great to see and be with family. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of them all. Lots of food, happiness, talk and best of all I get to see Alden! He is growing so fast from just starting to walk last Thanksgiving to going nonstop all day long. Huge transition from baby to little boy!!! It was a really great time had by all. It is a re-charger for me a chance to regroup and head out again. Hope to see you and Chris when you come down from the North country to get out of the cold for vacation this year. Hope you are warm and sitting by a fire in the fireplace!!!!!!! Yes I am in Mexico been here for 3 weeks now. Love it here too!

  2. I love love love the picture of you and him at the beach with the pail – he had so much fun with Grandpa David!

    The food was incredible – it’s worth every pound gained for every bite of food.

    Feliz Navidad!

    • Yes I love that one and the one of just him sitting in the sand. Actually love them all but those two are my favorites. It was a great time and hope there are many more to come!!!!! Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo! to all of you too!!!!!!!!

  3. It was really a treat to have you home, David…a little longer than your normal visits. We enjoyed the time we spent together….your brother Ray is missing you already. We are happy for you to be able to travel…just never forget we love you and home will always be here for you, as well. That’s what family means…you’re never alone just a million miles away…..

    Oh my yes, what a wonderful time we had when Opa, Oma, Jason, Chris and Alden came for thanksgiving! You are certainly blessed to have such a loving family….including your sister Karen. Alden is soooo special… little boy. I am so proud that he named me Grandma Linda….I so love that little guy! It could only get better if they all lived here too! Opa fits right in with you boys…we would love to keep him and sweet Oma too. Cannot wait till The next family visit!

    Be careful out there David…your always in our prayers! ❤️ Linda an Ray

    • Thank you Linda! You and Ray mean a very very lot to me to!!! It was great seeing you guys and look forward to seeing you in the spring on my return. Distance is only on a map not in our minds. You and Ray have been a very big part of our family for a long time now. I am sure it will always be that way! Life Is Good!!!!! Love Dave

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