Dave is not there yet!  I have been there, gone up there, down there, over there, under there and around there.  I have been here there and every there but there is always another there to go to!  Everytime I get there there is nothing there to show or tell me I am really there!  I am hoping I will get there soon because there is nothing worse than getting there and there not being there when I get there!  I have not been to every there yet so there is still hope of getting there!  There is a there isn’t there?  There is a reason out there why I am not there.  I am having trouble finding there because there is no road map to show where there is on all the maps out there!  I will let you know when I am there so you can come there and be there too!  I also think it is because Dave will probably never be all there!  HOPE TO BE THERE SOON!  SEE YOU THERE!  Dave  

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