So Thessaloniki is the only city or place I have been in Greece that I have very little good to say about it.  Or would I ever want to come back.  The only good thing about it is the cheap flight to Chania on Crete.

I have looked around for 4 days now and am staying for 5 unfortunately.  I have only taken 2 photos so far.  The old town what there is of it is on the top of the hill behind the old city walls.  It is OK but is a fairly steep long climb from the center to get to it.

The rest of the city burned to the ground in 1917.  In the main part of the city by the sea there is very little to like about it it is awful.  The developers that came in after the fire.  Slammed together all these faceless buildings.  Doesn’t look at all like Greece.  

All the buildings are Dirty.  Sidewalks are dirty.  If you lean on a wall you are covered in black grim where you touched the wall.  On the side streets there is garbage falling out of containers everywhere.

The traffic on the main roads through town is horrific all day and night long.  There is so much exhaust fumes from vehicles it gives you a sore throat and I can hardly breath.  

What historic sites they do have left.  Most are surrounded in scaffolding and covered with screen cloth.  No one is working on them and it looks like they have been that way for years.  The ones that aren’t being repaired are surrounded by tall fences some permanent some not.  It is like you are at the zoo looking at animals but they are buildings.  It is almost impossible to get a decent photo of what is behind them or to even see them.  

The parks and plazas are stark with few benches, flowers or plant life.   If they have a water fountain or feature it is usually not working and green with algae.  The buildings along the waterfront are all 8 to 10 stories tall and in much need of paint and repair.  

There are sidewalk cafes all along the waterfront but in the 2 Kilometer or more walk I did.  I only counted 14 benches to sit at by the edge of the sea and there is at any given time several hundred or more people walking.  I guess the idea is if there are no benches you have to sit at a cafe.

I apologize to those of you that live here because the people I have met have been very very very nice.  Super in fact!  It is the cities only saving grace!  A younger person more interested in having a good time for a weekend in all the cafes.  Would probably have a whole different opinion of it.

The prices they get to stay here do not warrant what they have to offer!!!  The only reason to come here is to get a ferry to the islands or a cheap flight somewhere else in Greece!!!  Greece has so so so many beautiful gems of places to see you are wasting your time coming here!


  1. Hey buddy, well good thing you are usually more pleased than disappointed. Where did you go after this place?
    We r in Myrtle beach with Gary and Sue right now enjoying some R&R.
    Sandy and Chris

    • Hi Sandy been a while since we last talked. Figured summer had you guys very busy. Glad your finally getting to get some R&R. Say HI to all glad you all can be together for a bit. I’m in Chania on Crete now with my family from there. Chania is a great little town and my friends are great to be with. Last stop before I head back end of month

      • Nice, I’m so bad for checking in but we do talk and think of you often! Glad your in a happy place with your adopted fam!
        Does head back mean florida?

        • Yes that means Florida. Totally understand your not checking in I am not so good at it either. Hope you have a great time with Gary and Sue! Make sure you say Hi for me!

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