I’m in Cadiz, Spain the oldest town in western Europe.  The same spot and apartment I was in in the spring.  I love it here!  I’m here at Victor and Carmen’s place.  The young couple that run the place for a guy from Madrid.  It is great to be back! 

I even looked at a couple of places to buy and rent long term this past week.  I don’t know about buying but the vacation rents here are high except for this place.  Even they are high in the main season and early fall.  I have slowed down a lot this year so that is why I was thinking about it.  Less moving and more long term stays.  It is a super town!

The old town where I am is pretty big takes up the whole peninsula.  There are really no bad areas and plenty of places to walk and enjoy life.  It’s another great place!

Victor and Carmen wanted to buy a place and we’re just getting to the position of being able to afford it.  But a couple of really big Germain real estate conglomerates came in this summer and bought every cheap place in town.  Prices went from 40k -70k to them being over a100k and most closer to 200k now.  There are still a couple cheap ones but they need tons of work. 

It really sucks for them and me.  Hate seeing things like that happen.  The English and Germans did the same thing in Portugal and ruined it for the people living there too.  Likewise in Central America with the Americans and Canadians.  So Bummer Dude!  I was thinking about buying here but now the cost I think is more than I want to spend.  I really really like it here so I may bite the bullet and do it. 

On the other hand it will take away my freedom again!  I am not so into losing that now that I really have it for the first time in my life.  No worries, no big problems is great for me so lots to think about.  Victor said the taxes are crazy high!  It costs them over a $1-2 thousand to get a driver’s license and the income taxes etc I guess are outrageous.  So we will see.

Long term rents are fairly cheap like many for under $500- 700 a month and quite a few to choose from.  I could apply for a 2 year visa but it is a pain in the ass and all has to be done in Miami.  So multiple trips back and forth to there.  It would mean hanging in Florida for a couple months and I don’t think I’m into that anymore.  I am just figuring life is too short now to be hanging around in a place I would rather not be. 

I really don’t need to get a long term visa if I don’t buy a place here and expect to stay all year.  I can do what I am doing with 90 days in and 90 days out of the Schengen zone by going to the Balkans.  That way I can work around the whole visa thing and not need to worry about getting the two year one.  The only time I would need that is if I wanted to stay longer than 90 days in a row in the Schengen zone or the whole year. 

Next year I will come to Cadiz first then I want to go to Serbia to see a couple friends I met in Chania.  Then check out a  couple of places in northern Romania that I didn’t get to go to.  Because they were booked up in August when I wanted to go this year.  If I leave Cadiz in June it is the perfect time to go.  Because it is cool there then and there should be plenty of places to stay. 

Also never got to the Ukraine.  There are a couple places there I want to see.  So the pre plan plan goes something like this.  First Cadiz then to the Belgrade area of Serbia to see my friends.  Then to the north of Romania after leaving there to find a place to stay for August ahead of time.  Then to the Ukraine from there. 

Then back to Varna Bulgaria until August it is one of my three most favorite places in Europe so far.  Then hopefully to a place I find to stay in the spring in Northern Romania for August.  That is if I find one seeing as I don’t really know if I will like the area or not yet.  Then maybe to Varna or Chania and probably back to Cadiz in the fall. 

Really all the places I was in this year the weather was perfect.  Except for August getting too hot everywhere.  The heat really gets to me now and takes away from me being able to walk around as much as I do.  I just decided to wait it out in Bucharest this year.  The temps are perfect here now so back to life as normal with lots of walking around and enjoying the days!  LIFE IS GOOD!!!


For more photos of Cadiz go to: Cadiz 2017

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