This saying fits me and is so right on!  It was sent by a very close friend.  Like the Quote he sent I have never for more than a moment given any thought of going back to what I had.  I am still much happier doing this then I ever was doing what I was doing in the states. 

After quite a few years doing this.  I now have found a couple of really really great places to say I would stay in for months at a time.  I am hoping to find 1 or 2 more before I am done this year.  Then I will be able to settle in those places for much longer lengths of time and have a real life.  Without all the constant moving.  Knowing that I have done my homework and have found the best there is to offer up. 

I still will do side trips just to make sure but for the most part I will have satisfied myself that the ones I have chosen are the best there is for me.  Although there will always be that alternative of going back and getting something back home.  There is no way that is ever going to happen unless they are carting my ass off the playing field in a stretcher!!!  HAHAHA!!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!

4 thoughts on “THIS RESEMBLES ME

    • Yes many times in the past few months and I do use others whenever I can. The problem is they have the market pretty well cornered. Really I think it is whoever is in charge of Italy is doing a shit job. Most other countries I have had the problem occasionally but nowhere near as much as Italy it has been a constant frustration in Italy.

  1. K. Aschauer says:

    ….and where are these places you would stay for a longer period?
    Anxious to hear what you think of Bucharest

    • Chania Crete, and Cadiz Spain, These two I love. Cadiz probably the most loved. I have a couple others I like a lot but these two are my favorite. The others are Malaga Spain a little expensive, Puerto Vallarta for a small town and bigger cities Granada Spain, Guadalajara Mexico and now Bucharest Romania. The country I like the most is Greece because almost every town has retained their old world charm and beautiful old buildings right to the sea front. If I could or ever thought I could speak Greek that is where I would go.

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