So after most of day yesterday and again this afternoon trying to figure out what to do about Morocco decided to blow it off for now.  I just couldn’t find information on anything like buses, trains or anything else. 

There was vague stuff like train goes here or there but no schedules of any kind.  It just started to sound like too much hassle and I haven’t even got there.  Most of what is on the web is 2011 or older so things may have changed by now. 

They speak French so it would be a problem unless I find someone to speak English.  Plus you don’t know if what they are saying is right because there are so many scammers.  I guess I should have done it when I was younger just seems to confusing for me now.  Know I could do it but don’t think I want the hassle of it and by the time I paid for ferries, trains, taxis, changing money Etc. 

It won’t have been any cheaper than staying in Spain so new plan coming up.  I have still yet to speak with Victor he is making a list of nice places to see In Morocco and maybe can better explain it to me and how to get around.  He has been a great help while I have been here.  He and his wife are super nice. 

There is nothing like talking to someone who has been there many times.  If he can show me a good way to do it then I will rethink the Moroccan adventure. 

Made a booking at this place in Vejer De La Frontera in the mountains a small village that is supposed to be picture perfect till after the holidays.  If I decide I want to change my mind again it will only cost me one night rent at $28.  But at least now I know I have something for the holidays. 

It is hard to find a place now that isn’t off the chart money wise.   At least now it isn’t so stressful worrying about it.  I figured it looked like a real peaceful place to just relax and get my thoughts about where I am going next.  It is pretty hilly so that could be a problem but I am in better shape after Albufeira. 

Plus it gets me through the holiday crazy prices.  Just seemed like I am spending all my time here trying to figure it out and I wanted to be able to enjoy it here.  Instead of worrying about what is next. 

I will still be able to go to Morocco or anywhere else from here.  So staying here longer I will have more time to think about it without having to rush into it.  Morocco is supposed to be real nice!  Yes just confusing myself at the moment.  So figured I needed to regroup!

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