I never thought I would see TRUMP in Bucharest but there he was staring at me!!!

10 thoughts on “TRUMP in BUCHAREST ROMANIA

    • It is a big one isn’t it couldn’t resist. Just walked by the back of the statue the other day and Trump came to mind. Had to go back today and take photo’s! HAHAHA

  1. It’s funny how I didn’t think of all the work involved in planning life on the road. I guess you will be an expert, or prob already are, on this topic!! I need to look up this 90 day thing you talk about… Interesting.
    It’s nice you are getting to visit ‘old’ friends from the beginning of your journeys. That’s cool.
    How is communicating with everyone in these places? Do you find allot of people know English? That to me would be the most frustrating I think.
    Still enjoy your photos so much!
    We have the last wedding of the summer this weekend – Gary and Sue’s daughter is getting married this Friday. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
    Miss ya bud.
    Sandy ( and Chris) hugs

    • Yes Americans and I believe Canadians to only get a 90 days in and 90 days out visa before they can return in the whole Schengen Zone of Europe Which is most of the big name countries. Although Romania and Bulgaria are part of the Eurozone they are not part of the Schengen Zone in these countries you can do the same thing 90 in 90 out but in each country. There are 8 of these countries so it is no problem to bounce around to these places and wait for your 90 days to be up to go back to one of them or the schengen zone countries if you want. Many of the young and some of the old speak English at least a little some real well. It is a little frustrating not being able to speak but not enough to be a reason not to come. I have no problem getting what I want just might not know what it is when I get it. HAHA. Romania and Bulgaria have been SUPER NICE. I am looking forward to seeing my friends again it will be great!!! Say Hi to everyone at the wedding for me. Miss ya all Dave

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