Valladolid is a really really nice little town.  Clean until you get out to the very outer parts but not bad there either.  Doesn’t take long to get to the outer parts this place is a small place. 

It has a large park in the center very similar to Merida.  But at least they have a nice fountain in the middle no water in it but they have one.  They were working on it to get it going the day I left. 

It to has benches everywhere and plenty of nice shade trees.  Looks like the same person designed it as in Merida.  Perfect for a place this size.  The buildings in the center are well kept and it is a quiet and peaceful place to be. 

The main reason people come here is it is a short ride of about 40 minutes to Chichen Itza the Mayan ruins.  Makes a great place to get an early morning start to the ruins to beat all the tour buses there.  Which is primarily why it does so well for itself. 

It also gets a lot of business from the large number of tour buses that stop here.  After leaving the ruins to let people walk around town for a while.  Get something to eat and do a little shopping.  Before heading back to Cancun or wherever they came from. 

It’s not a place to make a holiday but it fits the purpose of a stop over very very well!  Great tiny town!

2 thoughts on “VALLADOLID MEXICO

  1. Nice little town, that church alter and back ground are amazing! As is the colourful row houses with the white border. I just love your pics

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