In all my travels I have never been anywhere with so many families all having such a great time in one place before.  There are literally several thousand at any given time walking along the esplanades and through the parks. 

The Park itself is more than 2 miles long.  The really wide esplanade that weaves thru town is probably a mile going from the park along the sea to the Cathedral In the center of town.  There is a steady flow all day long and late into the evening of strollers of every type and children playing and having fun. 

The kids depending on their size are riding 2 wheeled and 3 wheeled scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, little bicycles.  Plus all the various small 1 and 2 wheeled stand on forms of segways.  It is amazing how many different devices there are to have fun on now a days. 

The best part is that none of them have conventional motors like mopeds and motorcycles.  With loud mufflers driving like mad men thru the crowd making the people a slalom course.  Trying to come as close as they can without actually hitting you.  Like all the other places I’ve been in Europe that allow them on their pedestrian zones.  If it’s not electric here it is not allowed period!

It is very active and so tranquil all at the same time.  Lots of smiling and laughing going on with the occasional crying from a skinned knee or elbow from falling.  It feels like I am in a total different world where all the terror and violence has been left far far far behind.  It is a wonderful feeling hard to believe in this day and age.  What a pleasure it is!!! 

I have been here for a month now and have yet to see any form of disrespect or violence to anyone.  I am amazed that a country this poor is the place I find such a thing.  People of all ages from infants to the old just enjoying life. 

The supposed civilized world of big and powerful countries should come here and learn what life is really all about.  It truly shows that money and power is not what makes you happy.  It has been a great pleasure to have been able to experience such a beautiful thing. 

I feel really really gifted to have seen and experienced this place.  It is amazing when you are so relaxed you feel like that at any given time sitting on one of the thousands of benches throughout the city.  That you could just sit close your eyes fall asleep and drift off onto a magical mystery tour! 

It is one of the few places I can say in all my travels I can come back to and spend several months at a time without becoming bored!  It is just so uplifting from the time I get up till I go to bed.  Everything about it is done with this super mellow atmosphere from the music you hear at night to the families walking by at midnight. 

No loud partying no loud music after 11 except at the beach.  No drunken tourists screaming.  Different kinds of health food, drinks and herbal remedies set up in tents along the esplanade.  It’s like it is the perfect setting for peacefulness.  Instead of 99 of a 100 people walking by staring at their cell phones it is 10 in a 100! 

Don’t get me wrong there is still the restaurants along the beach that I’m sure party until the wee hours of the morning.  But you don’t hear them from the esplanade in town! 

There is also the less than desirable neighborhoods outside the touristy areas mainly from the communist era of concrete apartment buildings.  But for the most part there are just not enough adjectives to describe this place! It is really really hard to believe it exists. 

As you can see in the photo’s one of the little zoos in the park was giving away balloons to everyone. 

Just looked back at the last post on Varna and realized I repeated a lot of things about this place.  The thing of it is is it deserves repeating.  I’m getting old so I am allowed!!  I will be back!!!  

For more photos of Varna see links below photos

12 thoughts on “VARNA BULGARIA Last Week

  1. Edward A Chuplis says:

    “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
    Mark Twain

  2. Edward A Chuplis says:

    Great pics, seems like and idyllic place and cheap too ! Still can’t figure out why you talked me out of coming …

    • Was bummed the last couple of days you didn’t make it. Had the Rakia ready! Not much you can do about a broken down airplane and then them sending you to another airport and having the plane you were suppose to get there to O’hare full. So that you missed your flight here from O’hare! Such is life there will be another place we meet up down the road!!! There will always be some form of Raki wherever it is!! GOOD TRY anyways!!!

  3. It does look happy and serene. My favourite photo is the lady pushing the stroller with an older cold and all are smiling with the baby looking back at them. Something about that is just peaceful and up lifting. Lovely city. Can’t blame you for loving it.

    • Who would have thought all this in Bulgaria. Must be the best kept secret out there!!!! I will be very selfish and hope the people in the West never find out!

        • Neither was it with me. I just needed to leave the Schengen zone because my 90 days was up. So I choose these places to go out for 90 so I could go back to the Schengen zone again. Now I’m thinking I like these areas better!

    • Hi Lee was thinking about you! The main reason I like it here is because of the real life peacefulness that you feel here it overwhelms you. You hardly ever see a policeman they are here but they ride threw on bikes and just kind of blend in. It is so so different than anywhere else I have ever been. There are a lot of places more beautiful architecturally etc but this just has the greatest vibe of peace of them all. It is unmistakable! Went to the archeological museum here today they have the oldest gold treasure in the world from 4000 BC. Pretty cool!

  4. Wow…such a nice array of people an children, quite well dressed an happy it seems! Not a depressed people or country, an beautiful landscape and sculptures. 🙂 It seems they speak Russian or at least I’ve seen the Syrillac alphabet there in some photos.
    Soon time to move on so be safe….

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