First let me say I absolutely love Varna!  Unlike most places I choose it is not because of the beauty of the architecture!  Or like most places in the Eurozone I like with the narrow streets and old balconied buildings.  There is very little of that in all the Balkans!  All of those things seem immaterial to me here.  It is mainly because they were ruled by the communists till a little more than ten years ago.  They have only recently started to come back from that era of rule.  Their efforts are just starting to show but they have a long road ahead to get there!

The cities here have there old parts of different sizes but few with large areas.  They Consist of varying degrees of grand old buildings.  Some larger than others.  Varnas old town is somewhat small and is in need of repair.  The repair is happening now but like I said it is going to take a while to complete.  Meaning years!

The rest of what they call the new part of the city is like the rest of the Balkans shoddily made old concrete communist era buildings in need of much repair.  The rest new big commercial and apartment buildings.  Not much to look at in my book.

The part about it I do really really like is the beautiful flowered parks along the sea that you can walk for miles on.  The harbor to watch the fishermen.  The endless entertainment and the beach bars that you can sit at in a cushy chair with your feet in the sand.  The long wide esplanades and countless benches you can sit and watch life go by!  These things are just the extras for me.

What I really come here for is because of the really really Great Vibe it gives off with the endless parade of families with their children.  They are the topping on the cake to me.  All different, all ages, all doing their own thing and having a Great time!

It is super peaceful, tranquil and soothing most of the time.  This is truly a piece of heaven and a seaside escape for the many Bulgarian families to come to.  There are very few outside tourists.  To me there is no better stimulus for the brain or soul!

This place is so so so full of LIFE and it is almost totally because of all the children.  They are all beautiful and so innocent!!!  They have no preconceptions of what life should be!  There is a lot for them to do here and it shows in the many smiles on everyone’s faces!

It is not that the children or families elsewhere in the world are any different.  It is just that I have never seen so so so many children in one place before!!!  PERFECT!!!  I now know what I want to be when I grow up!  A CHILD!!! 

The Photos below are some of my favorite and contain some repeats of previous posts.  My grandson Alden comes first of course he is such a happy happy boy!



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